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Why Partnering with a Lender Matters

Anyone who has done a mortgage with Downs Capital can tell you that our goal is to go beyond the dollars and cents of a loan. We provide the kind of sound financial advice to our clients that builds wealth over time. We want our relationship with our REALTOR® partners to build wealth over time too.

Our industry is typically a very transactional ‘one and done’ type of business. At Downs Capital, we take a more relational approach where we get an understanding of a client’s financial situation and their goals, enabling us to get that person into the right mortgage. We have ongoing homebuyer counseling, yearly mortgage reviews, and other ways to keep those conversations going so that we sell to the same people three or four times, in addition to their friends, their friends-friends, their family, and family friends, and sell all of them multiple times. With the Downs Capital team you have the opportunity for a more relational system.

You might be thinking of what an operational nightmare it must be to nurture all these leads while serving your current clients. That’s why we’ve created a number of tools and programs that are unique to Downs Capital. We’ve built these things ourselves from scratch with YOU in mind.

“Schedule a strategy session and discover ways to grow your business with Downs Capital. I guarantee you’ll learn something new and have fun doing it.”

—John Downs

Exclusive Open House Promotion

Open House Sheets should create conversation and spark curiosity.  We bring a unique twist to illuminating what the consumer really cares about; Total Cash, After-Tax Payment, and Future Net Worth.

Our open house portal creates a social experience designed to capture more leads.  You will receive a link which can be used for Social Media sharing and allows us to advertise your listing in advance of the open. This increases your exposure and sends leads directly to your inbox!

This system is ONLY available for our Realtor partners.

Extensive Business Planning Assistance

This is where we lend our advisory acumen to our relationship. We’ll unpack your goals and collaborate with you to build a short and long term action plan we can both execute while holding each other accountable for our mutual success. We’ll recommend reports and books to help improve sales and operations, help you with CRM strategies and advise you on ways to grow your business using social media. Planning prevents poor performance and this approach ensures we can measure our success and tweak it as we go.

The 8-Minute Mortgage

Imagine a mortgage with no pay stubs, no bank statements, no tax returns, even no appraisal required.  Imagine a world where before you even show the home, your client has a full commitment letter subject only to a contract.

Dream no more, that time is here with Caliber’s new Digital Mortgage Experience!

Nurture Leads with Client Retention Tools

Be successful by doing things TODAY that will matter five years from now. We’ll show you our Client For Life nurturing system, the Downs Capital secret sauce of growth from past client referrals. We can help you nurture your clients using our CRM tools and practices. We use lead scores to measure engagement and notify you when a client is active – or alert us when they aren’t. We use retargeting ads to reengage, and offer annual mortgage reviews that often result in repeat business or a referral — or both. Our lead nurture program works in conjunction with our Private Label Search and incorporates other leads generated through our efforts. Let us keep working the leads to ensure we stay front and center when they are ready to buy or refer.

Downs Capital Direct to Consumer Lead Sharing

Every new client is an opportunity to refer business to REALTOR® partners we know and trust. We’ve got a robust marketing strategy using social media, retargeting and website SEO, and we’re widely distributing valuable content like lead magnets, e-books and podcasts. We’re attracting completely new clients to Downs Capital in droves – clients that often need a REALTOR®. We put every one of our website visitors into our marketing automation system so no lead is left behind. We focus on education to help our clients get the right mortgage and also to nurture them throughout the entire process.

We thoroughly vet them by asking questions that not only qualify them, but reveal how close they are to entering the market for a home. That’s what makes them better than your average lead from places like Zillow; these are real people, with real needs, qualified by real people (meaning me and my team!).

I’d love to get these clients to work with agents I know and trust. If you are interested in testing out different strategies to capture these pre-qualified leads, we should talk.

Keep your clients with our private label search with CRM and analytics.

Every day your clients are on sites like Zillow, which makes a lot of money bombarding them with ads for your competitors.  It doesn’t take but one accidental slip of a finger to have four agents and eight lenders speed dialing your client!

With our co-branded search for ourREALTOR® Partners, you can move leads from sites like Zillow and Redfin to your own personal platform. A built-in CRM provides analytics for logins, property views, shares, and soon will provide instant notifications when they attend an open house!

You work hard for your leads – let us work hard for you to keep them!

"We do great mortgage. We have the depth of products you need and killer rates. But here's the Downs Difference: our team has put a lot of thought, planning and development into technological advancements, operations, and programs that will help our agents increase their business."

— John Downs

We’re Downs Capital, and we’re everywhere.

It’s easy to refer us. Because of our emphasis on relationships and education, we use a large variety of ways to reach consumers:

Facebook Advertising and Retargeting

We can advertise online to people who have already engaged with us, building an online community of people who seek and share knowledge.

Blog And Video Library

We’re posting timely information in our blog section on our website. We also have an exhaustive library of educational videos on everything from PMI to down payments to taxes. We hope you’ll use our resources to grow your business.

E-Books and Handouts

We’re producing a series of e-books and other materials that we can co-brand. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill lead magnets, these are high quality, well-written, beautiful and easy to understand guides to the world of mortgages. Not only will clients use these materials, but they will forward to their friends and family.

Homebuyer Webinars and Podcasts

Homeowners tend to be wealthier than renters, since a home can be an asset with equity, instead of a liability.

John Downs


“I’ve devoted my entire career to making long term financial health achievable and attainable for every type of person, from every walk of life.”

John Downs is the founder of Downs Capital, a unit of Caliber Home Loans. He’s one of the country’s top mortgage loan officers, and has personally written more than $1 billion in loans for clients from all walks of life, from first time home buyers to multi-million dollar loans for investors and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. John is passionate about helping everyone build wealth throughout their lives, using the proven techniques and insights he’s developed throughout his career.

Your Success is Ours

Every business owner will face a moment when they are maxed out. Without more hours in the day, how can you grow your business? How can you nurture all your leads, service your current clients, gather referrals and generate new leads and still maintain a semblance of work-life balance? Together, that’s how.

My clients often need a REALTOR® they can trust. Your clients need a lender that has their best interests in mind. We’re in this together, and together we can get a lot of people into the right homes with the right mortgage. Our team has put a lot of thought, planning and development into technological advancements, operations, and programs that will help our agents increase their business.

The next step is yours!

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