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Owning a home is the single smartest move you can make in your financial life.

How it Works

You may not think of it this way, but a mortgage is leverage. When you employ leverage, you use someone else’s capital to buy something. Leverage is how many wealthy people got that way. A mortgage allows you use your money and the lender’s money to grow your wealth. We think that’s smart.

Why it Works

You can deduct mortgage interest and property tax from your income, so more of your money works for you (instead of the IRS). Your equity in your home may grow if the value of your home goes up, adding to your principal investment. That’s leverage doing the wealth-building for you.

John answers the top questions you should ask your mortgage lender in under three minutes!


What you can expect from Downs Capital at Caliber Home Loans


Get the mortgage that’s right for you.

Build wealth. Save money. Get a tax break. Invest in real estate. Quit renting. Whatever your goals, we’ll help you get there. By the time your transaction closes, you’ll be in better financial shape than you thought possible, with a clear view of how owning your home benefits you today — and tomorrow.


No mumbo jumbo.

Instead of a bunch of complex estimates no one understands, get ready to have your options clearly explained. We sweat the details so you can breathe easily, and focus on how you can buy your home.


Easy application.

We’ll break the application process into easy to follow steps. We’ll even use Caliber’s Digital Mortgage Platform to automatically gather the appropriate paperwork.*


Guidance and support from experts.

We’ll match you with an expert mortgage coach/loan officer who will give you the accountability, direction, insight and support you need, every step of the way. We’ll get your loan done, so you can move on to the next phase of your life.


Backed by Caliber. Proven with happy clients.

Our process has been proven with thousands of clients. We’re consistently tweaking and simplifying our lending process based on the latest programs, rates and technology.


100% Guaranteed.

You’ll get the best loan you can qualify for, at a competitive rate. If you’re not satisfied after your loan closes, we’ll refinance your next loan at no charge.**


Competitive rates. Always.

Our mission is to match you with the right mortgage at the lowest rate possible. Because we’re a unit of Caliber Home Loans, we have access to an enormous portfolio of loan products, from first-time home buyer programs to super jumbo mortgages, as well as FHA and VA loans. (We‘re also frightfully competitive with every online lender. But since we’re real people, we pick up the phone and talk to you about what’s best in your situation.)


Eternal love.

Now that you’re all nice and financed, our work doesn’t stop. We’ll continue to review your loan, to ensure that it’s still competitive in the ever changing world of mortgages. Sometimes, even a half point can save you hundreds of dollars a month, and we know that puts real money in your pocket. After all, this is about you and building wealth, so we’re on it. Always.

* Not all clients will qualify for Caliber’s Digital Mortgage Platform. You must be employed as a W-2 employee, and certain conditions apply. But never fear — we’ll make it easy.  ** If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll reimburse you for the appraisal fee.

People are Talking

Josh and John were awesome. They were incredibly responsive and made getting a mortgage as easy as possible. Several of my friends have had the same experience. Highly recommend.

Sean D. – Washington, DC

If you need to get a mortgage in a DMV area, then look no further. These guys are awesome – they work closely with you to figure out all your options and make sure you understand the implications of all the options. Very responsive when you have questions and work with you throughout the process . I cannot imagine anyone else being this great to work with. Highly recommended.

Ashwini J. – Washington, DC

I cannot begin to explain how amazing Louis was during the process of financing my new mortgage. I was selling a previous home and searching for the perfect condo in DC. He was quick to respond with the numbers that I needed and when it came time to make an offer he was detailed with a quote that was spot on! I never felt that I was out of the loop or just another client. My service was personable and genuine! He was with me from the first phone call to discuss my options to closing, literally at closing making sure that I had everything I needed. 5 stars is an understatement! Thanks for making my experience stress-free, Louis!

Chelsea W. – Andrews, MD